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A Few Updates!

From July 14-21 I shall be out of town and away from my phone, getting a well deserved break and fun with my husband (I’m so excited!)

At GM/BigRiggs Fitness my classes that week on Monday and Thursday @9:30am shall be covered by the lovely Karis. Sign up in the app as usual.

I have spots left this week for either hair or personal training or nutrition coaching - send a text email or call if you need any self care 778-706-4579

There may be some classes here at Cherry Picker HQ - keep an eye on instagram for an update there.

It’s hot out there! Are you staying hydrated? I just got a restock of Blonyx Hydra Electrolytes : mango and passionafruit - it has real fruit in it! Reach out for any electrolytes, protein or creatine needs! I got you!

The All Girls Youth Boxing Camps are filling up! Head over to the website to sign up a young lady who might benefit from this camp. Sign up by clicking the link below:


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