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 Available for ONLINE or IN PERSON Coaching



The Cherry Picker Movement Club is based in a small garage in Roberts Creek, B.C.

The methodology is based on functional movement patterns which strengthen you for every day life. 

It's a small but mighty space,  that can hold up to 4 people on a rainy day with the doors closed. It has all the essential equipment needed for functional movements.

When the weather is good - we stretch out onto the driveway and beyond and can hold up to 10 people per class.


Coach Asha has been coming to the coast since she was a kid, and made it her permanent home in 2016. Soon after the move, she found a passion for movement and wanted to inspire others, and so she began her group fitness certification.

Since getting her group fitness certification, her passion led her to get certified in CrossFit, nutrition, and Level 3 as a Health and Human Performance Specialist from Institute of Motion. Over the years she has gone from being a runner, to MMA circuit training, to Crossfit and now to blending it all together to create the Cherry Picker: helping people be stronger at life. 

Coach Asha has the expertise and commitment to create a positive transformation in your life. She not only provides professional movement coaching, Asha will help you balance and well-being in your life. Its like having a life coach, personal trainer and nutritionist all wrapped into one - Coach Asha will help you reach your goals and show you the power of unlocking your full potential.

       WAYS TO TRAIN       

CLUB Cherry Picker

Welcome to CLUB Cherry Picker, where we are passionate about functional fitness and creating a strong, encouraging environment. Our weekly meetings are dedicated to providing a supportive atmosphere, intense training and of course, lots of laughter.


This CLUB is for the intermediate level fitness enthusiast. To join one must have 3 months experience with functional fitness

Interested but you are new?

Try out a class at GM/BigRiggs Fitness or book a PT session. 


Join us at CP Headquarters in Roberts Creek, BC every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, from 9:15am

The only classes currently running are mon/thur at 930a at GM/BigRiggs




Personal training with Coach Asha is more than just a workout.

At Cherry Picker Movement Club, I believe that fitness and wellness are about more than just physical exercises.


Each program is tailored to match your specific needs, with the option to adjust it on any given day to make sure you're getting the most out of your workout.


We welcome everyone, creating a space that's supportive of all ages, demographics, and body shapes. Moreover, I am always there to provide the support you need to be at your best, be it a listening ear or a friendly word of encouragement. Come be a part pf the  club and see what a difference it can make.


Personal Training sessions can be 1 on 1, a small group of 2 or 3


Held at:


- Cherry Picker HQ in Roberts Creek 

-  GM/BigRiggs Fitness in Gibsons


- Online

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Cherry Picker offers a comprehensive range of functional fitness services for all levels of exercise enthusiast.


Whether you're just beginning your fitness journey or looking to challenge yourself to the next level, the Cherry Picker is always striving to help you reach your utmost potential.

Mondays and Thursdays at 9:30am @ GM/BigRiggs in Gibsons, BC

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