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Welcome to Cherry Picker Personal Training! My coaching involves helping you prioritize the 5 pillars of health - sleep, stress, nutrition, social, and movement - to allow you to feel and perform at your best.


Together, we will sit down, connect, and create an individualized plan to help you reach your unique goals.

The mission of the Cherry Picker is to create a world full of energized and passionate individuals by providing so much more than just movement coaching. I am here to help you realize your full potential and get the life balance you need to reach your best self.  Cherry Picker Fitness is the ideal place to start your journey



Whether you are navigating through the throws of being a 20 year old female, a new mother, navigating through the changes of peri-menopause and beyond, we are here to give you the support you deserve. 

At CHERRY PICKER MOVEMENT CLUB, we believe that women need more health support and resources than they currently receive. We are here to bridge that gap and provide women with the nutrition, movement, sleep, stress, community support they need to make empowered choices when it comes to their health.

Our mission is to empower women to take their health into their own hands, and start to make changes to becoming the vibrant energetic women they have always longed to be.

The Cherry Picker is here to shift your fitness and health experience.You will be guided on  your journey to better health by focusing on improving hormone health, nutrition, sleep, movement and mobility. This holistic approach to health and wellness will help you get back on the path to vibrant health.

Let's shift the narrative around what it means to be a supported female. Choosing to put yourself first is the best kind of self care so that you can be the most kick-ass, loving, kind, strong woman. Sometimes we just need someone to tell us what we need to do to get there. 

LEGENDS (55+): 1 on 1 and Small Group training (4 people max)


Would you like to start feeling stronger as you move through your daily life?

I coach our LEGENDS to strengthen the fundamental movements of daily life.  Our workouts are designed to help you perform everyday tasks like squats, push-ups, and farmer carrying with ease and strength – so you can get up and down from a chair or toilet with ease, get up from the floor without a struggle, and carry groceries without breaking a sweat. We  work on balance, agility, cardiovascular health, and more. 

These are just some examples of how functional movement can aid in your every day life.

I coach one-on-one and small group sessions of two to three people.


Not only will you become stronger and improve your quality of life, but you'll also fulfill your social community health pillar, an increasingly important factor as we age. Come see what Cherry Picker has in store for you today!



The Cherry Picker Class runs 2 classes/wk : Monday and Thurdays @ 9:30am out of GM/BigRiggs Fitness In Gibsons, BC. 

These classes have a lot of movements you know (squats, lunges, etc) while introducing a new move (ie. kettlebell swing or dumbbell ice skaters). The goal is to give you whole body functional workout to help you get stronger at every day life, to get optimal hormone health, and to generally feel like you are ready for whatever life throws at you. 

You can buy a 10 class pass with me for $161 ($170 after tax) that never expires. Classes are 2x a week Mon/Thur @ 9:30am in Gibsons, BC at GM/BigRiggs Fitness



Chopping Vegetables

At CHERRY PICKER MOVEMENT CLUB, the mission is to help you reach your optimal nutrition and health goals through our whole-hearted approach.. The focus is on whole unprocessed foods that nourish both the body and the soul.


We believe that when it comes to nutrition, one size does not fit all. That’s why the mission is to meet you where you are and guide you on your own individual journey. 

I can provide personalized nutrition support and one-on-one coaching to help you reach your health and wellness goals. 

 We’re here to meet you where you are, and help you pick the best food choices for your body and how you to feel.

 We offer 6 week packages up to 6 months of support, as we recognize that long term change takes time. The nutrition support is designed to be realistic and sustainable, so our clients can continue to thrive long after the support is finished.

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